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Fantasy Noir Music Pack

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This music pack includes 8 royalty-free noir and intrigue tracks for you to use in your games! Each track has alternate versions, adding up to a total of 16 tracks included in the pack.

These were all composed with a magical fantasy intrigue setting in mind, and can fit nicely into a narrative-driven setting involving devious plots and magical machinations, such as visual novels or story-driven adventure RPGs.

Files are provided in wav format, along with a README with track metadata and brief blurbs about what kind of context or scene each track was generally written for.

Included tracks:

  1. Cigar Smoke - Full (1:44)

  2. Cigar Smoke - with intro (1:37)

  3. Cigar Smoke - LOOP (1:35)

  4. A Little Deviant - Full (1:49)

  5. A Little Deviant - LOOP (1:46)

  6. Sonze, Underground Bar - Full/LOOP (4:14)

  7. Mysterious Machinations - Full (2:38)

  8. Mysterious Machinations - LOOP (2:34)

  9. The Plan - Full (5:10)

  10. The Plan - LOOP (5:05)

  11. Grand Ball - Full (4:30)

  12. Grand Ball - LOOP (4:27)

  13. Frozen Tension - Full (4:22)

  14. Frozen Tension - LOOP (4:17)

  15. Specialist Division - Full (4:10)

  16. Specialist Division - LOOP (4:05)

If you end up using any of these tracks in your project, I'd love to hear from you! Drop me a line at:


Other Downloads:

Download TXT • 3KB

Upon purchasing this pack, you may use these tracks royalty free in any game, film, promotional content, podcast, or related media. Some restrictions apply​. 

Read the full End User License Agreement

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