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Custom Music Rates

Pay Per Minute of Music

Standard pricing. Starting price is $400. Each additional minute is $250 per minute.


Recommended if you want detailed tracks with more instruments (such as a title theme, ending credits, etc) or many short tracks.

Pay Per Track

Recommended budget option if you just want a few simple tracks. You can mix and match with the Per Minute option if you want to additionally add more complex tracks.

If 8 or fewer instruments are used (good for lofi, simple chiptune, ambient backgrounds):

  • Less than one (1) minute = $250

  • One (1) to Two (2) minutes = $450

  • Two (2) to Three (3) minutes = $650

Rounds of Feedback

Each Music Package comes with a number of rounds of feedback per track depending on song length:

  • Three (3) minutes or less = 2 rounds of feedback / Up to 2 sketches

  • More than three (3) minutes = 3 rounds of feedback / Up to 2 sketches

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